Friday, 13 February 2015

BEST AND WORST: Maybelline Mascaras

Today's post is going to be feature several Maybelline Mascaras which i either love or loath. I find that generally, highstreet mascaras are brilliant and particularly Maybelline's mascara's, however in the years i've been using mascara i've found a few that don't really do anything for me.

The Maybelline Define A Lash mascara is one of the oldest mascara's Maybelline actually still has, and despite it still being available for people to buy all these years later, i can't understand how! Despite really disliking this product, i don't mind the rubber wand and the shape of it. It's the formula that i hate.

The formula is incredibly wet. This causes a number of problems, such as it taking forever to dry on your lashes, it having a very runny consistency and finally causing my lashes to clump together, which is really quite ironic considering the name. Having said this, it is the waterproof version i have, therefore can't comment on the non-waterproof version.

The second mascara from Maybelline that i haven't been able to get along with is the Illeagal Length Mascara. I was attracted to this mascara when it claimed to have 'Fiber Extensions' that would considerably lengthen my lashes. I, however, had never used a mascara with Fiber extensions!

This mascara has a brush wand that's fairly basic and has no crazy shape to it, which i actually quite like. Again, its the formula that i don't like with this mascara. I feel like the fiber extensions clump together and cause my lashes to look like spiders legs, which just isn't the look i go for. Also i've found on a number of occasions that some of the fibers get into my eye which is a real pain and usually ends up with me smearing mascara everywhere and causing me to re-apply my mascara all over again.

L-R: The Falsies, Colossal Volum' Express & One By One

To end the post on a more positive note, above are my three favorite mascara's from Maybelline, mostly because all three give me long, fluttery eyelashes. The Falsies has a brush style wand thats curved, Colossal Volume Express also having a brush wand that's got more of a traditional shape and the One By One has a rubber wand thats oval in shape.

I find all three of these mascaras lengthen my short eyelashes considerably and add a decent amount of volume - all that you really need from a mascara, which is why i consider them to be the Best mascaras that Maybelline sell.

 Have you tried any mascara's from Maybelline?

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